Hello! I’m Kate, the one-witch show behind HWB. I’ve always been drawn to witches— from loving stories of Baba Yaga so much I wanted my own mortar and pestle at age 6, to a degree in art history exploring representations of gender in art.
(Trust me, get a glass or two of rosé in me and I’ll go off on a tangent about the witch as feminist archetype, toppling the patriarchy, etc.)

After years of working in nonprofits, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with a culture that ignored the cost of the emotional labor of its members, and in turn started a deep-dive into what radical self-care really meant for me. I began to pursue things that brought me joy— slowing down, making something by hand, connecting with the long tradition of herbalism and the archetype of the witch.

As I have said many times before, I believe there is something both inherently satisfying and quietly revolutionary in becoming learned in the practical arts, and in using something lovingly crafted by another person.

With a love of the handmade in mind, I created Hedge Witch Botanicals in Aquarius season 2018, guided by a few key principles: I want my skincare to be good, clean, and truly natural.

As Hedge Witch Botanicals continues to evolve, I look forward to sharing behind-the-scenes content such as DIY recipes, moon cycle meditations, and more with you!


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